Mars-Earth Connection


The space agency's almost unbelievable lack of interest since photographic Frame 35A72 was taken by the Mars orbiting Viking craft in 1976, and its obstinate disregard for calls from other scientists to investigate the Cydonia mystery further, have raised suspicions of a cover-up. And why not? We know that our governments selectively censor potentially traumatic or destabilizing information. If something has been found with the potential to upset established social values and religious beliefs, then it is reasonable to suppose we might not have been told about it yet. What makes this seem more probable is the fact that NASA's probe, Mars Observer, scheduled to rephotograph Cydonia in 1993 in response to growing pressure, failed to do so due to alleged technical problems (the orbiter was 'lost' by mission control at the crucial moment). Also noteworthy is the fact that NASA's constitution authorizes it to co-operate with agencies directly concerned with national defense and specifically obliges it to withhold from the public information classified to protect national security'. It is; therefore, by no means impossible that information has been withheld. If NASA really does have a secret interest in the Monuments of Mars, it would be expected that such an interest would also have been manifested here on Earth, in particularly, the three great pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza in Egypt.

In March 1995, a German scientific team discovered a mysterious 'door', with handles made of an unknown metal, lies at the end of a narrow (8 in. x 8 in.) 200 ft. shaft which cuts through the body of the pyramid from the south wall of the so-called Queen's Chamber. A proposal to put a fiber - optic camera under the door was mysteriously shelved on the pretext that nothing of importance would be found. However, in March this year, Egyptian scientist Farouk El Baz, a former NASA consultant, was chosen to lead a team scheduled to start work next month with equipment designed by Spar Aerospace. Which builds the hydraulic arms used by NASA Space Shuttles. Information was leaked to the U.S. media that nine further chambers and tunnels had been identified and that the sensors had picked up indications in all of them, the presence of metallic objects.