Alien Writings and Symbols
Symbols were found in the Mediterranean and in Glozel, in France...


At the time of the famous crash landing of an UFO with Roswell, in July 1947, Jesse Marcel had recovered the remains which contained strange symbols. Thereafter his/her son could reproduce those thanks to hypnosis:

Look at these inscriptions:

Found at Roswell

However, the same symbol was found in the Mediterranean and in Glozel, in France, at the time of archaeological discoveries between the two wars! The site of Glozel, close to Vichy, had been updated by a farmer, Emile Fradin. Among the discovered objects, engraved shelves of alphabetical signs… Well before Phénécie, the center of France would have been inhabited by evolved/moved people, using an alphabetical writing. According to Serge Hutin “unknown civilizations”, Éd. Marabout, 1972. See page 180 to 183 “the mystery of Glozel”.

In the Fifties, celebrates it contacted George Adamski accepted in particular the preceding message, being reproduced on a film restored by a saucer in flight in Palomar Gardens, U.S.A, in 1952.

“Venusian” message given in Adamski

Engraved symbols discovered by Marcel Homet

Now, compare with the table hereafter due to the archaeologist and exploring French Marcel Homet, who discovered these symbols during his forwarding in Amazonia of North, among the Brazilian megaliths of Pedra Pinta, engraved there is more than 10.000 years!

Published in its work “The sounds of the sun”, by Neuville Sperman, London, in… 1963!

And here fabulous history arrived at a young farmer of Brazil in the night of October 15, 1957; Antonio Villas Boas was constrained to in addition make love with one… extraterrestrial, tempting, aboard UFO!

Antonio could read the following inscription above the door of the machine:

Symbol read by Antonio Villas Boas

Drawn from “In search from the humanoïdes” by Charles Bowen, Éd. “I read”, 1974. Page n° 280.

On April 24, 1964, the police officer Lonnie Zamora was confronted with a meeting brought closer with an UFO, with Socorro, New Mexico. He was able to reading the symbol which follows, drawn in red on the machine:

Symbol seen by Lonnie Zamora

See the same book of Charles Bowen, page n° 162.

Reading of the book of the friend Guy Tarade “Flying saucers and civilizations of in addition to-space”, Éd. “I read”, appeared in 1969, brings additional elements of information concerning the same sign. To traverse the chapter “the writing of the mothers in the sky of Soccoro”, pages 103 to 106.

For Guy Tarade: “These initials constitute an old writing, the alphabet of a primitive language, which we can interpret by: we are the Mothers of the Universal Temple fertilized by Unknown God (or first causes it).

Indeed, the half-circle means the letter “M” which, in all the languages, refers to the mother. Always having its same value, this symbol still exists in the Berber language.

The two bars indicate the Temple to the two columns (L in our alphabet). The central arrow, it is a simple bar: the menhir, rough stone: the Being ONE, Unknown God.

The horizontal feature, which underlines the unit, represents, him, the universe moving. The Egyptians had, to represent the universe, a special hiéroglyphe which was a paper roller closed by seals. These symbols raised by Zamora can be read from right to left, or from left to right or indifferently upwards and from top to bottom. As the “Tamachek” which him also is read in zigzags.

Scholars linguists see in the Berber writing the survival of the language of the Telamones. Amazones had makes they the conquest of the island before its disappearance and borrowed from overcome the their alphabet, it is not impossible. However let us not forget only the end of Atlantis, which one locates at the time of the flood, corresponded to a time when all the people of the Earth spoke the same language and used the same signs to correspond.

We mentioned above than religious organizations were not unaware of anything the underhand fight which is played in the universe and more particularly on the terrestrial sphere between the matriarchy and the patriarchate. The signs raised by Zamora will come to support our thesis.

This symbol in half-circle of the M dominating the Temple is employed since highest antiquity. It is the universally allowed “seal” of maternity and the reproduction. Among Hebrews, the letter “Mem” is regarded as one of the three letters mothers. The Egyptian word “Mother” (must) starts with a “M” as in the majority of the Indo-European languages.

The image which in Egypt represented the “M” was the owl. Ancient Minerve was represented on the vases of the Neolithic era with a head of owl! Sponsor of Troiens1, it was also reproduced on the monuments of megalithic of a nonappraisable age. It is in a vase with head of owl that the archaeologist Henry Schliemann deposited, says one, a secret will reporting the precise point where Atlantis lay. In South America, Précolombiens engraved per thousands “the head of owl” which, for them, represented Vénus2. Minerve Glaucopis had the green eyes, color of Evening star.

The Hebrew kabbalists governors of a patriarchal worship dedicate the owl with the anathema. For them, this alive image of the “M” female, they made of it the wife of the Prince of darkness. In this primitive language, owl is written besides like “Lilith”.

Outline a few moments in the sky of New Mexico by the police officer Zamora, the initials materialized on the flying saucer come from another world, invites us to reconsider all the problem of the Unidentified flying objects which, since centuries, haunt our skies and undoubtedly direct our own destiny. “Fine of quotation.

We interest at present in the signs of extraterrestrial “the Ummites”, expensive in Jean-Pierre Petit, found in their reports/ratios.

Consult the work “Ummo, the extraterrestrial language”, by Antonio Ribéra. Éd. rock, 1984.

Let us note that this symbol of “Ummo” was seen on the UFO of Voronej, the USSR, on September 27, 1989:


However, one finds very an inscription approaching there close, in the petroglyphs of southernmost Venezuela and Brazilian Amazonia!

Writing of the “Ummites”

See the book of Marcel Homet “To the continuation of the solar gods”, Éd. “I have Lu”, 1974, page n° 46.

As a cover for two booklet “the secret government, the origin, identity and the goal of the MJ-12” and “Operation Trojan horse, Earth with the hands of small the Gray”, Éd. Louise Courteau, is reproduced the emblem of the “GRAY”, Trilatéral badge: a black triangle on red bottom. Let us note that the triangle is a universal symbol of our humanity…

“GRAY” invaders, mutilateurs, kidnappers… and in full activity on” our “satellite the Moon!

In its book “They were not alone on the Moon”, Éd. Belfond, published in 1978, George Leonard mentions various symbols raised on the surface of “our” satellite. See pages 162 and 163.

One often finds enormous E or F on the bottom of several craters. Also the signs which resemble our letters A, X and P find also a little everywhere.

The following sign frequently appears on the surface of the Moon, almost always registered in a circle or an oval. Leonard calls it the tree of life, and it is one of the oldest symbols of humanity in his opinion:

This symbol resembles much that of the writing “Ummite” (see above), and with that observed by Lonnie Zamora in Socorro!.

The aliens leave prints of faces over Mars and the Moon, resembling human configurations, like their writings. These extraterrestrial rebuses offer, the least which one can say, of astonishing similarities with our own humanity.

It is said that these symbols are found in particular in the writing of the old Germanic tribes of Northern Europe, the runes! But also in some hiéroglyphes Egyptian, and the Chinese and Japanese writing!

Then, certain extraterrestrial… would they be our creators or our cousins?

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